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SUBIC BAY (Philippines)

A vibrant and caring community of residents, workers and business people,
and a melting pot of various nationalities and cultures

Have you ever heard the sound of peace and quiet when the day is about to break or the hush of a winding road at night? Have you ever awaken to the sound of birdcalls and wind song, or driven to work through country-like but well-paved roads that are shaded by lush green trees and foliage?

Life can't be more relaxing and peaceful than at Subic Bay, a place so tranquil that you can't even hear the noiseless but nagging buzz of daily stress and strains.

You feel the sharp change from city clutter and clatter to serene surroundings and open spaces the moment you enter Subic Bay. The change becomes even more palpable, as cruise your way from the Central Business District to any of Subic Bay's residential areas that are so enveloped by Mother Nature that you can't imagine living elsewhere.

Yet behind and beyond the peace and quiet of Subic Bay's residential areas lies a subtle vibrancy of life and living that feeds the mind, body and spirit.


Indeed, Subic Bay is truly a unique place where you can settle down, raise a family, pursue a living or do business in.

The community enjoys safe and secure surroundings, a clean environment, peaceful housing areas, orderly and smooth traffic, and easy accessibility to amenities and facilities where man and nature co-exist in harmony.


Every residential area is surrounded by a tapestry of scenic mountains and forests, or perhaps even a panoramic view of the bay. Each also has its own playground, schools and other community amenities, as well as expansive and secure spaces for strollers, bikers and joggers.

Still you can never run out of options for rest and recreation at Subic Bay. It has the coves and beaches dotting the coast where you can indulge in water sports such as recreational diving, jet skiing and parasailing; theme parks where you can explore eco-tourism thrills and adventures; marinas for sailing and partying; and a golf course where you can putt and drive amidst a view of lush rainforests.

Hotels, villas, houses, and other types of accommodations are also available for short-term or long-term stay. Restaurants are everywhere, serving the best international and local food to the delight of any discrimanating diner.

Public health and safety are a priority in Subic Bay. Water supply is one of the cleanest in the Philippines, allowing anyone to drink water straight from the tap anywhere within Subic Bay. Efficient power generation and distribution, as well as state-of-the-art telecommunication facilities likewise assure homes and businesses of dependable power suppy and a whole range of telecom products and services. Roads, streets, parks and landscapes are also well-maintained and well-lighted.

Public transports are available and safe at Subic Bay, as transport providers are registered and monitored by the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority. With posters of scheduled runs, bus stops are strategically located within all residential areas while a common terminal is situated in the Central Business District. Both mall and supermarkets likewise provide shoppers with free shuttle services to and from their respective locations.

So live, work, play at mySubic Bay - an exciting destination for tourists and travelers, a perfect home for residents, a flourishing business climate for investors, and a relaxed workplace for dedicated workers. In other words, it's a place where you can live, work and play to your heart's content.


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