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Residents' Manual

The SBMA Housing Rules and Regulations

The SBMA Housing Rules and Regulations are intended to govern and regulate the use and occupancy of the individual units and common areas of the SBMA Housing Facilities and to ensure their efficient and orderly management by the SBMA or its designate, for the benefit of all Unit Lessees, Sub-lessees and persons authorized by them and the SBMA as owner.

All Unit Lessees and Sub-lessees are bound to comply with these Housing Rules and Regulations. They are also held responsible for the compliance with these Housing Rules and Regulations by persons authorized by them to live in and/or use their units, as follows:

  • Members of their family and household help;
  • Their guests;
  • Any individual or party allowed access to the premises by a Unit Lessee and Sub-lessee;
  • Contractors and construction workers hired by unit lessee/sub-lessee/residents; and/or
  • Any individual/s or instrumentality/instrumentalities doing business inside the housing area.

  1. Intended Use of Housing Unit

    Housing units are intended for dwelling/residential purposes only. Use of Housing units and/or their immediate surroundings as chapel, commercial establishment, office and the like are illegal.

  2. Use and Maintenance of Individual Units

    1. The Unit Lessee, Sub-lessee and/or authorized person/s shall keep the townhouse unit and any part thereof to which he has sole access, clean and in good condition, and in a manner that shall not cause any prejudice or damage to other units and/or common areas of the building.

    2. The Unit Lessee, Sub-lessee and/or authorized person shall not create or permit any disturbing noise and/or boisterous and loud acts in his unit, which may inconvenience the other residents. He shall also not permit any unlawful or immoral activities to be committed in the premises, either in his unit or in the common areas. Activities, which shall cause prejudice to other residents or injure the reputation of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority ("the SBMA"), are prohibited.

    3. The SBMA Administrator and/or his duly authorized representative/s have the right of access to any unit with prior written notice to the Lessee for the purpose of inspecting the said unit in order to ensure that the leased property is properly maintained and in good condition.

    4. The Land Asset Management Department (LAMD) is the SBMA's designated Building Official of the housing areas.

  3. Use of Common Areas

    1. The sidewalks, entrances, exits, hallway, stairways, corridors, landings, fire exits of the structure and/or any part or area of common use and ownership shall not be used for any purpose other than for egress to and from the units in the building. These areas must be kept free from obstruction at all times.

    2. No one shall do, place or store anything in the common areas, which shall increase the rate or cause the cancellation of the insurance of the building, impair the structural strength of the building and/or alter the appearance of any exterior portion thereof. Nothing shall be stored in any of the common areas without prior consent of the Administration Office or its designate.

    3. Children and their nursemaids are not allowed to play in the driveways, hallways, stairways and other common areas, except in those areas or playgrounds designated for the purpose. Children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.

    4. Vandalism of any form in any area of the premises shall not be tolerated. Violators shall be penalized accordingly.

  4. Use of Sports Facilities: Basketball Court, Tennis Court (Except Kalayaan Tennis Court) and Playgrounds

    1. The basketball courts, tennis courts and playground facilities shall be for the exclusive use of Unit Lessees, Sub-lessees, and/or persons authorized by them and/or the SBMA.

    2. The use of these facilities shall be in such a manner as to respect the rights of other Unit Lessees, Sub-lessees and/or authorized persons and shall be controlled by the regulations issued by SBMA (LAMD).

    3. All guests of Unit Lessees, Sub-lessees and/or authorized persons must be accompanied by a resident at all times, except when prior arrangement with SBMA (LAMD) has been made.

    4. Residents shall be responsible for the conduct of their respective guests at all times.

    5. The Unit Lessee, Sub-lessee and/or authorized persons shall be responsible in cleaning the area after their use. All individuals are requested to cooperate in maintaining maximum cleanliness in these facilities.

  5. Laundry Areas

    Washing or hanging laundry in garages/carports, parking areas or railings/fences of housing units is prohibited. If laundry area is in public view, resident shall adopt measures to prevent the laundry from being visible to public view, subject to clearance by LAMD.

  6. General Upkeep of Housing Areas

    1. A key factor in the appearance of our community is proper disposal of any trash. Maintaining clean yards and the immediate vicinity of housing units, including the sidewalks and streets directly in front of units, shall be the responsibility of residents. These areas shall be kept litter-free at all times.

    2. Trash, whether in receptacles or bags that are toppled over or torn to shreds by scavenging animals and birds, shall be the responsibility of the resident and should be gathered and properly contained.

    3. Residents are to maintain clean and orderly yard and patio areas at all times, as well as trimmed grass/vegetation areas just outside their unit or sidewalk.

    4. Residents shall be responsible for lawn maintenance. If grass/weeds/bushes have grown to unmanageable proportions, (one foot high) the SBMA shall take on the job of trimming the grass/weeds/bushes and charges for this shall be applied to the resident's garbage bill.

  7. Garbage And Household Waste

    Republic Act 7227 created the Ecology Center (EC) with the responsibility of adopting and implementing measures and standards for environmental pollution control and enforcement of national environmental laws, rules and regulations. It shall also promote sound waste management technologies such as recycling, waste segregation and waste minimization, among others.

    Special Rules for Residential Areas
    (Under the Waste Management Guidelines, Pursuant to Sections 96 and 103 of the Implementing Rules and regulations of R.A. 7227 series of 1992)

    • Residents shall be required to provide for their own covered waste receptacles which are to be staged within the residents' premises.

    • Residents shall refrain from placing household waste outside of their homes other than the specified days of collection to prevent animals and birds from scavenging.

    • Residents shall refrain from using public trashcans for their household garbage.

    • Residents are encouraged to maintain cleanliness within their premises and to collect and properly contain spilled garbage and other wastes.


    • Binictican
      • Tuesdays & Fridays:
        8AM to 5PM for household trash
      • Sundays:
        8AM to 5PM for green trash and yard waste
    • Kalayaan
      • Mondays & Thursday:
        8AM to 5PM for household trash
      • Saturdays:
        8AM to 5Pm for green trash and yard waste
    • Cubi
      • Wednesdays & Saturdays:
        8AM to 5PM for household and green trash

  8. Pets and Animals

    Residents are allowed to have pets in the residential areas provided that the following guidelines are observed.

    1. Stray dogs and cats

      • All stray dogs and cats shall be impounded and subsequently deposited at the K9 Branch of LED.
      • Failure on the part of the owner to claim impounded dogs or cats within seven (7) days, will signify that the pet can be released to other interested individuals who wish to take care of the animal, after signing the custody receipt and upon payment of board and feeding charges.
      • Owners of dogs or cats shall show adequate proof of ownership of the animal/s and pay the appropriate fine before the impounded animals are released.
      • R.A. 8485 (Animal Welfare Act of 1998) and R.A.9482 (Anti-Rabies Act of 2007) require that all pets be registered and vaccinated.
      • Wildlife in Need (WIN*), a non-government organization, has been deputized as the Official Registrar of all pets and animals inside the SBFZ.

        * WIN Office Address: Bldg. 8494, Naval Magazine, SBFZ
        Tel. No.: 252.8494
    2. Pets owners are encouraged to bring their own "scooper" when they walk their pets. Failure to remove animal excrement from streets, sidewalks and other public places, except if pet is in the company of a disabled person shall be penalized accordingly.

    3. Raising or keeping livestock (poultry, hogs, goats, sheep, cattle, including game fowl or fighting cocks) and/or exotic/endangered animals is strictly prohibited.

    4. The SBMA reserves the right to prohibit the retention of any pets found to be a nuisance or a threat to the other residents of the housing facilities. Incessant or intermittent but repeated barking of dogs / threat from pets/animals ('Incessant' is defined as at least 3 - 5 minutes of continuous barking/whining. "Repeated" is defined as more than five (5) barking spells (periods of continuous barking) in an hour.

    5. Hunting and/or catching of birds/wild animals is prohibited.

  9. Law and Order in Residential Areas

    1. Vandalism

      LED shall apprehend individuals vandalizing housing areas. Apprehended individuals shall be turned over to the SBMA Investigation Office for investigation and proper disposition. As much as possible, evidence should be kept intact, such as area or property which has been vandalized or pictures taken while the act of vandalism is taking place.

    2. Firearms

      No one is allowed to keep or carry firearms and/or other deadly weapons within the housing area. Upon entry at the housing area, Lessee/Sub-lessee/residents/visitors shall surrender their firearms and/or deadly weapons with the LED officer on duty at the sentry for safekeeping.

      A corresponding receipt shall be issued by the LED officer to the Lessee/Sub-lessee/residents/visitors. The gun owner shall claim his/her firearms and/or deadly weapon at the sentry upon submission of the corresponding receipt to the LED officer on duty upon departure.

    3. Noise

      Noise may post a problem when people live in close quarters. Residents may approach the neighbor and ask for cooperation, but if the noise problem still persists, or you are concerned about a possible emergency or dangerous situation, you may directly report the matter to the housing's security officer on post.

      • Unnecessary noise and loud music that disrupt the peace and serenity of the neighborhood is prohibited in the housing areas.
      • Failure on the part of the owner to claim impounded dogs or cats within seven (7) days, will signify that the pet can be released to other interested individuals who wish to take care of the animal, after signing the custody receipt and upon payment of board and feeding charges.
    4. Fireworks and Firecrackers (Pyrotechnics)

      • Fireworks and firecrackers (pyrotechnics) are strictly prohibited at all times, including Christmas and New Year celebrations.
      • Fireworks/firecrackers may be allowed on special occasions for a limited time (Maximum of 30 minutes only) under the strict supervision and control of the SBMA Fire Department and provided that a permit is applied for at least thirty (30) days in advance and a payment of P3,000 made to cover the cost of mobilizing/positioning SBMA fire trucks as a safety measure.
      • The said permit shall be applied for from the LAMD and the Fire Department, and shall be subject to the concurrence of the two (2) departments.
  10. Dangerous Materials

    1. Residents shall not bring into their units and/or any of the common areas, dangerous materials, apparatus or equipment such as explosives or anything of inflammable nature, which may cause or expose the premises to fire or its hazards.

    2. The use of gas range may be allowed, provided that the gas tank shall be in an open area outside of the housing unit.

  11. Installation of Satellite Dish

    Satellite dish installations are being regulated by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC).

  12. Securing Individual and Material Passes

    1. Housing Lessee and Dependents, Domestic Helpers, Drivers, Private Security Guard and other Staff

      • Only drivers, domestic helpers, private security and other staff hired by the unit Lessee, Sub-Lessee shall be issued proper ID cards. The residents shall notify the LAMD for any termination of services. Likewise, the ID cards shall be surrendered together with the termination notice.
      • Only a maximum of five (5) personnel shall be issued ID cards over the lessee or sublessee or direct dependents (The term direct dependents is understood to mean the children, spouses, and parent over 60 yrs. of age of the Lessee or Sub-lessee)
      • Only Resident's ID is honored to gain entry inside the housing area. Locator's ID is not an authority or pass to enter the housing area

      • Requirements for the Issuance/Renewal of SBMA Residents ID Card

        • For issuance of new ID:
          • Letter Request from the Resident addressed to LAMD
          • Certification from Subic Homes/Trigon/Forest Hills (for private developer resident)
          • Application form duly filled out
          • NBI or Police Clearance (for Caretakers/Drivers)
          • GSIS Fire Insurance Policy
          • 2x2 Photo
        • For renewal of IDs:
          • Photocopy of old ID or Temporary Pass
          • Letter Request from the Resident addressed to LAMD

    2. Visitors

      • Visitors should present an authorization letter from the resident, allowing them entry at the sentry of housing areas.
      • Residents may provide advance notice to LED regarding the arrival of their visitors. Arrival of visitors may be coordinated with the following telephone numbers:

        Kalayaan Detachment : 252.5346
        Binictican Detachment : 252.5347
        Cubi Detachment : 252.5413

      • For the protection of property, residents/locators lending their housing units to friends and relatives shall send an authorization letter to the LED, allowing the use of their units at least three (3) days prior to the arrival of their guests. This letter should include the names of the guests and the type and plate number of the vehicles to be used.
      • Unexpected visitors shall not be allowed inside housing areas unless LED is able to verify from the residents (thru their registered phone numbers) the arrival of the said guests. Unverified visitors, no entry.
    3. Service Contractors

      • Residents are required to hire SBMA-accredited contractors for major construction or repair works at the residential areas.
      • Minor repairs or emergency repairs need not require service contracts.
      • House repairs personally supervised by Lessees need not require service contracts. Residents who do not hire service contractors are responsible for the conduct and compliance to regulations pertaining to construction workers, of their hired construction workers.
      • Construction workers individually hired by Lessee or Sub-lessee are also required to apply for identification card from the Office Services Department (Pass & ID) thru LAMD.
    4. Movable Properties

      • Furniture, fixtures, equipment and other personal property may be brought in and out of the SBMA housing facility premises, provided that the same shall first be registered with the LAMD by the unit Lessee, Sub-lessee and their authorized persons, and shall be subject to inspection. In the event that these furniture, fixtures, equipments and other personal properties are to be taken out of the SBFZ, a formal letter of request should be presented to the LAMD together with the acknowledgment receipt given by the housing office upon entry.
      • LAMD shall endorse the request to the Deputy Administrator (DA) for Port Operations to determine whether the property is imported, or subject to tax obligation; then, to the Procurement and Property Management Department (PPMD) to determine whether or not the subject item is an SBMA property.

      • Loitering of Unauthorized Person/s

        Any unauthorized person/s found loitering or roaming around the housing area at any time of the day without proper documentation shall be invited to the LED detachment for interview, documentation and picture-taking.

        Unjustified presence in the housing area shall result to the ff:

        1st Apprehension : Subject shall be sent out of the SBFZ.
        2nd Apprehension : Subject shall be formally investigated and if warranted, appropriate charges shall be filed in court by the SBMA Investigation Office.

  13. Securing Vehicle Passes

    Residents/Lessees/Sub-lessees are required to secure vehicle passes or decals for their respective vehicles from the Transport Regulatory Division of the Transportation and Communications Department.

    Requirements for the Issuance of Vehicle Passes or Decals

    • SBMA Laminated ID
    • Photocopy of Registration Receipt
      (Registration should be under the name of the applicant or company)
    • Photocopy of Certification of Registration
    • Photocopy of Driver's License
    • Duly filled out Application form
    • Proof that vehicle passed safety inspection
    • 2x2 ID photo
    • Endorsement from LAMD

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