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Good Neighbor Principles & Practices

General reminders for keeping Subic Fun-tastic!

Good neighbor practices within Subic Bay are based on four (4) basic community principles:

  • Protection of public health and safety
  • Protection of the environment
  • Respect for others and their property rights
While some practices, as enumerated below, are part of the Subic Bay Metropolitan (SBMA)'s rules, regulations and guidelines for the environment and/or housing areas (as contained in SBMA's Residents' Handbook), others are merely recommendation/suggestions to foster and build a safe, healthy and pleasant neighborhood.

Tips and practices

  • Pick up and dispose of trash or debris (cans, bottles, cigarettes, papers) from sidewalks, gutters, alleys and/or open storm drains or drainage canals abutting their property every day.
  • Make sure that your garbage or trash can is properly placed on your side of the property and its contents do not spill over to your neighbor's premises
  • Don't make your housing unit an eyesore. Store loose garbage, yard waste, bottles, cans, boxes, household furniture, packaging materials, parts of machinery, equipment, appliances and automobile parts in a manner that they are not visible from outside of the property
  • Recycle glass, food waste, cardboard and other materials.
  • Maintain streetscape elements and common community areas clean, safe, and in good condition
  • Keep trees and plants healthy. Keep weeds under control so they don't spread from your property to that of your neighbor
  • Maintain your front and back lawn regularly. Trim hedges, trees and shrubs on your property so they don't interfere with neighbors and pedestrians using the sidewalk.
  • Prevent pollution in residential areas by keeping chemicals, used grease, excess construction materials and cleaning wastes out of floor drains, storm drains and off paved surfaces.

  • Use pesticides responsibly and consider chemical-free alternatives. Be courteous and advise your neighbors before using any pesticide, as they may have concerns about the timing or nature of your planned activities.
  • Do not block or park your vehicle on your neighbor's driveway.
  • Residents have the right not to be disturbed by noise, as well as the responsibility not to make excessive noise that disturbs others. Excessive noise includes yelling, loud music, vehicle engine revving, among others.
  • Clean up sidewalks, streets, alleys, and open spaces after your pets.
  • Keep watch over the neighborhood, and report suspicious activities, as well as any incidence of graffiti within the neighborhood and elsewhere to CommunityWatch.
  • Report burned out or broken street lights to Subic Enerzone Corporation at Tel. No. 252.7392 or
  • Be responsible for your house guests and visitors, and advise them about Subic Bay's traffic rules and regulations, good neighbor practices, etc.

When understood and observed by all, good neighbor principles and practices help manage expectations of neighbors from one another and the community at large.

When residents understand and embrace their responsibilities as members of the Subic Bay Community and are knowledgeable and considerate of the rights of their neighbors, they ultimately help create safe, healthy and pleasant neighborhoods based on relationships of mutual respect, and a great Subic Bay Community where everyone can live, work and play together harmoniously.

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